A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Defense / War / Warfare and Conflicts BLOGS

Blogs of War   a blog that is currently focused on Defense, Aerospace and Technology issues
by John Little  

Ethics BLOGS

So what can I do?   a blog promoting ethics in action.
by Karama Neal (NOTE: This blog contained pre-dated entries. For example, entry for Friday, December 30, 2005 was available on Wednesday, December 28, 2005. So, I'm assuming that uses the time set on Blogger's PC rather than their own clock.)  

History BLOGS

Betsy's Page   a personal blog with comments and links from a History and Civics Teacher in Raleigh, North Carolina
by Betsy Newmark  

Dr. History   a blog regarding History
by a female Assistant Professor of History  

World History Blog   a blog that features different aspects of world history
by Miland Brown  

Homeless / Mission BLOGS

[Note: there is another homeless blog under Regional.]

*** NEW *** Homeless Family's Blog   a blog about a guy whose family was homeless for over two years
by John C. in Jacksonville, Florida  

*** NEW *** The Homeless Guy   a blog regarding experiences, opinions and knowledge of living homeless
by "the Homeless Guy", who spent half his adult life, about 13 years, living homeless, mostly in Nashville Tennessee  

*** NEW *** Mission Musings (He has told you what is good. Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly. Listen! The Lord is calling to the city...)   a blog regarding work at rescue mission
by Michelle Porter of the Regina RESCUE Mission in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  

People BLOGS

Average Jane   a personal blog of random observations by someone, who considers herself to be an "average jane", as she makes her way through life

THE BIRD HOUSE - scot hacker's foobar blog   a personal blog on a variety of topics
by Scot Hacker  

The Blog From the Core - America's Small Town Weblog   a personal blog from someone who is Catholic
by E.L. Core  

Blog of Death   a blog containing Obituaries
by Jade Walker  

Bullenhead   a personal video blog (contains assorted video clips)
by Adam Quirk  

* Cathy's World   a personal blog by a columnist/journalist
by Cathy Seipp  

dandruff - Eternal bad hair days.   a personal blog
by Stephanie Troeth, who was born on the island of Borneo, moved to Melbourne, Australia and now in Montreal, Canada  

The Fat Guy   a personal blog about Food, Music, Books and Tractors
by a self-proclaimed Fat Texan, who is not a pundit  

The Flannel Avenger’s Blog - The thoughts and rantings of the Flannel Avenger   a personal blog
by Robert Leeray  

the IDIOT   a personal blog with personal views
by Charley Hardman  

Idler Yet   a personal blog containing Random Reflections on any subject of interest (Great stuff!)
by Bill Adams  

Joho the Blog   a personal blog by a marketing guru, writer (variety of subjects), speaker and philosopher
by David Weinberger  

just a girl in the world - running on pure insomnia since 1994   a personal blog on various subjects
by Lisa  

*** NEW *** man with black hat   a blogs with daily musings... of faith and culture, of fun and games, of life and love, of a song and dance man, who is keeping his day job
by David L Alexander in Arlington, Virginia, USA  

Master of 500 Hats   a personal blog by a self-proclaimed Geek and World-Renowned Nosepicker
by Doug McClure and his many hats  

GAWKER   a blog containing media gossip from New York
by Jessica Coen, Editor of Gawker for Gawker Media  

the mobile ANDREW   a personal blog with images and short messages
by Andrew  

Thoughts of a Regular Guy   a personal blog by a member of the Catholic religion
by Paul  

Roger L. Simon   a personal blog by Roger L. Simon, mystery writer and screenwriter
by Roger L. Simon  

Think About It   a personal blog with some interesting thoughts
by T  

Truck Driver Blog   a personal blog about the job and travels of a truck driver
by Aaron the Truck Driver based in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.  

Political and Economics BLOGS

Adam Smith Institute Blog   a blog regarding free market policies
by the Adam Smith Institute, a United Kingdom think tank  

Daily Kos   a blog with Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation
by Markos Moulitsas Zúniga  

* - Truth Speaks Louder Than Words   a blog with commentary, especially on issues dealing with Israel and the Middle East
by Pete Russo  

Empire Notes   a blog about Iraq, Terrorism, Politics and more
by Rahul Mahajan, a long-time activist and currently serves on the Administrative Committee of United for Peace and Justice and the Board of Directors of Peace Action  

Expat Yank   a personal blog from a New Yorker living in London and Dorset, England
by Robert Tumminello  

Global Politician   a blog about Global Politics that differ from that of News Media Editors. Get different view-points and information that is either ignored or glossed-over.
by independent sources  

This Modern World   a blog regarding politics, news and more
by Tom Tomorrow (a cartoonist), Bob Harris, Greg Saunders, Jeanne d'Arc, Brooke Shelby Biggs and Jack Hitt Rational Thinking About Our World - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness   a blog regarding current events, politics, economics, Social Security reform, school choice, financial markets, philosophy and more, with an emphasis on free minds, free markets, and free people.
by Ross G. Kaminsky  

Talking Points Memo   a blog about Politics, Culture and Foreign affairs
by Joshua Micah Marshall  

Transatlantic Intelligencer   a blog focusing on European politics and the, increasingly "conflicted", relationship of Europe - or, more precisely, the leading continental European powers, France and Germany - with the United States
by John Rosenthal  

Relationships (Dating, Friendship, Marriage,...) BLOGS

About Jess   a personal blog involving Wedding and Marriage
by Jessica Ellinger Patterson  

Kelley :-)   a personal blog involving Friendship and Romance
by Kelley - Margaret Cho's Marriage Equality Resource Site   a blog regarding Gay & Lesbian Issues
by Keri, Gary, Becky, Mulan Rouge, Matt and ChrisO  

Religion BLOGS

The Careless Hand - Random jots and scribbles of Bernie Simon   a personal blog from one who is interested in Buddhism and Homeopathy
by Bernie Simon  

by Jordan Stratford  

Happy Catholic   a personal blog by a member of the Catholic religion
by Julie D.  

Holy Weblog   a personal blog regarding the good, the bad and the quirky in the religious world
by M.J. Buxton  

hypotyposeis   a blog with Sketches in Biblical Studies
by Stephen C. Carlson  

Living Catholicism   a Catholic blog focused on developing an authentic Catholic culture within the family
by Jay and HolyFamily  

meditation blog   a blog covering the world of meditation
by Meditate New York  

* North Western Winds   a blogs about all sorts of things especially philosophy and ethics from a Catholic perspective
by Curt  

NT Gateway Weblog   a blog for academic New Testament studies and related material
by Dr. Mark Goodacre  

open book   a personal blog from a former Catholic high school teacher, lay theologian and well-known author
by Amy Welborn   a blog on ancient Judaism and its context
by Dr. James R. Davila  

Real Live Preacher   a blog with a Christian flavor
by a preacher, who had eight years of college and seminary education  

Summa Mamas   a blog involving two (orginally, three) Roman Catholic moms in Texas
by Micki (a.k.a. Smockmomma, a younger mom) and Terry (a.k.a. Mama, an older mom)  

Your Pastoral Coach   a blog about unleashing your potential through Catholic spirituality, leadership, and coaching
by Hector Muñoz [NOTE: while it lasted from October 3, 2006 to October 6, 2008]  

Women Issues BLOGS   a blog by Young Feminist Women speaking on their own behalf on issues that affect their lives and futures
by Jessica Valenti, Vanessa Valenti, Lauryn Fraas, Hannah Taylor and Samhita Mukhopadhyay  



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