A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Biology / Bioinformation / Biomedical / Bioscience BLOGS

Big Blog - Biological Science   a blog regarding Biology
by Jonathan Hedley  

biologging   a community blog about Biomedical Research
by biomedical researchers  

Biowww   a blog about Bioscience including molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, bioinformatics and proteomics research for bioresearchers
by Zhong Huang  

Chemistry BLOGS

Mass Spectrometry Blog   a blog of Mass Spectromery Web Sites and Other Links and Items of Interest
by Kermit K. Murray (Department of Chemistry at Louisiana State University)  


*** NEW *** greenblog   a blog concerning the green movement, climate change, global warming, etc.
by authors around the world  

General and Miscellaneous Science BLOGS

Big Blog - Robotics   a blog regarding Robots
by Jonathan Hedley  

PhysOrg.com   a blog about Science and Technology
by an ANONYMOUS Neutron  

SciAm Perspectives   a blog offering opinions, observations and arguments from the editors of Scientific American
by John Rennie  

sciencebase   a blog containing news, views and interviews regarding science
by David Bradley  

Science Blog   a blog about Aerospace, Animal Kingdom, Anthropology, Bioscience & Medicine, Brain & Behavior, Business & Economy, Computers, Energy & Environment, Geoscience, Internet & Telecom, Media, Nanotech & Materials, Physics, Security & Defense, Space and Transportation
by Ben Sullivan  

Science News   a library blog for science faculty and students at Georgia State University
by Skye Thomsen (Georgia State University Library)  

Young Female Scientist   a personal blog
by Ms. PhD, an almost-30 year (2007) old postdoc in the biomedical sciences  

Nanotechnology BLOGS

Howard Levy's NanoBot   a blog offering independent Nanotechnology information and commentary
by Howard Levy  

Nanodot   a blog about Nanotechnology
by Christine L. Peterson (Foresight Nanotech Institute)  

Physics BLOGS

Quantum Diaries   a blog about Physicists from around the world
by Chelsea Wald (Interactions.org), Anne Mieke van den Bergen (Interactions.org), Elizabeth Clements (Fermilab) and Kathy Bellevin (SLAC)  



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