A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Americas BLOGS

Blog Downtown   a blog regarding downtown Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
by Eric Richardson  

Canada Free Press   a blog regarding Canada (multiple topics)

Catherine's Pita   a personal blog by Catherine living in New York City
by Catherine  

Cincinnati Blog   a blog with News, Opinion, Media Analysis, and Information about or from Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. and the World
by Brian Griffin  

Cuyahoga County Planning Commission   a blog an annotated chronological list of links related to planning and development in Greater Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission  

* LA's Homeless Blog   a blog about the Homeless in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
by Joel John Roberts [Note: there are other homeless blogs under Society:People.]  

* Le blog de Polyscopique - 100% pur boeuf canadien   a bilingual (English and French side-by-side) blog about politics in Canada
by Laurent Moss  

*** NEW *** Skamokacentric (About Skamokawa)   a blog about a very small village along the lower Columbia River in the state of Washington
by Kathleen M. (Note: there are very few entries in this blog, but what do you expect from such a small place?)  

Toronto at Home   a blog about trends in the Toronto Area Real Estate Market
by Fraser Beach FRI CRB, Broker (Select Plan Real Estate Inc.)  

Vascaíno@Venezuela   a blog about Venezuela (NOTE: most entries are in English, but some are in Spanish and Portuguese)
by :Vascaíno in Valencia, Venezuela  

Venezuela News And Views   a blog about Venezuela
by Daniel in Venezuela  


Far Outliers   a blog exploring migrants, exiles, expatriates, and out-of-the-way peoples, places, and times, mostly in Asia-Pacific region
by Joel  

...of glowsticks & dice   a blog regarding China
by A Q (Glowdice)  

gmtPlus9   a daily blog from Osaka, Japan
Maintained by Andrew Abb  

Kamat's Potpourri - Amma's Column   a blog regarding India
by Jyotsna Kamat  

Korea Life Blog   a blog regarding Korea and some other Asian places
by Shawn Mattews  

Mango Sauce - Crazy about Bangkok   a blog regarding Thailand
by David  

Pistonhips - Misanthropic ravings from an expat in Bangkok   a blog with original writing that focuses on politics, entertainment, the media and living and working in foreign countries, especially Thailand
by Lenny  

*** NEW *** S torytim e   a personal blog loaded with photos (including a weird reaction between Mentos and Coca-Cola)
by Alicia Lee, a 23 year old Chinese/Singaporean (2009)  

* yu's whimsicals and idiocies   a blog regarding Singapore
by yudeology, a 25 year old (May 1, 2005) female with Obsessive Compulsive behaviour  

Europe BLOGS

English-Blogs.com   a blog about England
written by people with a connection to England  

Life in Paris - Thoughts on life in this amazing city....   a blog regarding Paris, London and other places in Europe
by ParisLondres  

* Oslo Girl - thoughts from abroad   a blog regarding Norway
by Elise Dawn Conradi  

Middle East BLOGS

Angry White Kid   a blog regarding the Israel Palestine Conflict
by Scott  

Aron's Israel Peace Blog   a blog with short commentary on news items, articles, op-ed pieces about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
by Aron Trauring  

Baghdad Burning - ... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend...   a blog about the war, politics and occupation in Iraq
by a girl  

Dennis Fox's Weblog   a blog with Political and Personal Observations regarding the Middle East
by Dennis Fox  

Dove's Eye View - An Arab American woman sees signs of hope   a blog regarding progress towards peace in the Middle East
by Leila Abu-Saba (of mixed Lebanese and Southern American heritage)  

Eurabian Times   a blog regarding the Middle East and discusses two threats: one from the pan-European project and one from Islam
by Matt  

Informed Comment   a blog with thoughts on the Middle East, History, and Religion
by Juan Cole, Professor of History at the University of Michigan  

israel insider   a blog containing Israel's daily news
by Koret Communications Ltd.  

IsraellyCool - Inside the Mind of an Ozreali   a blog regarding Israelis and Arab Muslims
by ANONYMOUS (a 30-year-old Jewish guy, who was originally from Perth, Australia and moved to Israel towards the end of 2000)  

Jews sans frontieres   an Anti-Zionist blog browsing the media
by Mark Elf (in the United Kingdom)  

one female "canuck"   a blog regarding the Middle East (Note that there are no archives, but entries go back to March 30, 2004.)
by ANONYMOUS (a female in Canada)  



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