A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Comedy / Humor / Jokes BLOGS

bbc.co.uk - The Comedy Blog   a blog regardinc Comedy
by the the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Comedy Team in the United Kingdom  

Beautiful Atrocities   a humorous blog of beautiful atrocities
by Jeff Percifield  

HOG ON ICE - Broadcasting Live From the Holy City of Coral Gables   a humorous blog for author to BS and free-associate when fairly hyped up, but not sufficiently manic to write a whole new news column.
by Steve H.  

Insanely Inane Thoughts - If fate doesn't make you laugh, you just don't get the joke.   a humor blog
by Rohit S. (in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)  

Jesus' General   a humorous blog from a Republican
by Gen. JC Christian, Patriot  

Laugh Loud and Often   a personal blog with some laughs along the way
by Nam Lamore [NOTE: while it lasted from February 1, 2005 to January 8, 2008]  

News & Musings - by Steve N Allen   a blog about at news, life and other every day stuff
by London-based comedian and GWR FM DJ Steve N Allen  

protein wisdom - what the right might look like in shorts and a t-shirt   a humorous blog
by Jeff Goldstein  

ScrappleFace - News Fairly Unbalanced. We report. You Decipher   a humorous blog containing Daily News satire
by Scott Ott  

Drinks/ Food / Nightclubs / Restaurants BLOGS

Clublife   a blog regarding nightclubs
by The Doorman,a bouncer at two of New York's most popular nightclubs  

*** NEW *** Soft Drink Reviews, Exotic and Non   an amusing blog about soft drinks including many foreign brands with photos
by Tim H.  

Cucina Testa Rossa   a culinary blog
by Laura, who studied cooking in France and Italy  

Eating L.A. - It's your city, you might as well taste it.   a blog about what Los Angeles, California, USA has to offer in terms of eateries
by Pat Saperstein, a senior editor at Variety in Los Angeles  

Food Blog Central - uniting the food blog world, one site at a time   a blog regarding Food news
by Matt Kantor, Martin Rundle and Scott D Cosenza, Esq.  

A FULL BELLY.COM   a blog about eating well (especially in New York and San Francisco)
by Alaina Browne  

Outdoors BLOGS

(Dave Richey's Blog)   a blog about Hunting
by Dave Richey  

Fishing Jones   a blog with News for Fishing Addicts
by Pete, Mike, Marshall and Stefan  

GazOutdoors   a blog about Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Skiing, Motorsports, Backpacking, Watersports, Hiking and outdoor topics
by Mark Henckel and Brett French  

MidCurrent   a blog regarding Fly Fishing News
by experienced anglers and guides  

The Outdoor Weblog   a blog with comments, quips, compilations and contributions regarding the outdoors
by J.R. Absher  

OutdoorsPro   a blog with inane ramblings and photography of a professional ski patrol and Alaskan rafting and glacier guide
by Mark S. Nelson  


Give Voice to Animals - Pet Blog   a blog regarding Pets
by Julie Lofton  

i-Pets.com   a blog about Pets
by ANONYMOUS [NOTE: while it lasted from May 10, 2005 to April 20, 2007]  

Travel BLOGS

BootBlog   a blog to find out what is happening in the BootsnAll Travel Network (Independent Travellers)
by Chris Heidrich, Sean Keener, Nick O'Neill, Courtney Ries and Donovan Pacholl (FORM)  

* Andy HoboTraveler.Com Travel Blog   a personal travel blog
by Andy Graham  

BTC Travelblog   Business Travel Coalition’s (BTC) Travel Distribution Reform blog for the purpose of discussing matters related to or arising out of the travel industry
by Kevin Mitchell  

Ed's Gone South - Travels in South America   a personal blog about traveling from New Mexico to South America on motorcycle
by Edward  

Travel Blog   a blog with a collection of travel journals, diaries, stories and photos from all around the world.
The journals are added by real travellers  



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