A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Alternative News Sources and Media BLOGS

The American Prospect Online Edition   a blog regarding liberal political news
by the Editorial Staff (Robert Kuttner, Robert B. Reich, Paul Starr, Michael Tomasky and Harold Meyerson) of The American Prospect Online Edition  

andrewsullivan.com   a blog regarding the News
by Andrew Sullivan  

Eschaton   a blog with News, Commentary, and Editorial
by Duncan Black (Philly Folk: New Drinking Liberally / Location: Tangier, 18th and Lombard)  

INSTAPUNDIT.COM   a blog with Opinion-Editorial content
by Glenn Reynolds  

little green footballs ("...not right-wing. ... (just) proposes a clear and practical idea to which many with a practical mindset ascribe.")   a blog regarding Daily News with Comments
by Charles Johnson  

MoJoBlog - on top of the News   a blog on top of the News
by Mother Jones, a non-profit investigative reporting organization  

ReligionNewsBlog.com   a news blog providing religion researchers and academics with expert-selected news items about religious movements, cults, sects, world religions and related issues

SIDEWALK theory   a blog looking at the new paths people are taking to their News and entertainment
by Jackie Rejfek and Kevin Reynen  

TalkLeft - the Politics of Crime   a blog with Liberal Coverage of Crime-related Political and Injustice News
by Jeralyn Merritt, with frequent contributions by T. Christopher Kelly of Madison, Wisconsin  

TomPaine.common sense   a blog that contains two blogs posted side-by-side.
Blog #1 is called "The Dreyfuss Report" and offers readers the story behind daily headlines and policies pursued on behalf of U.S. national security, written by Bob Dreyfuss.
Blog #2 is called "Blog og Blogs" and gives the day’s best entries in the top U.S. political blogs.
by the Editorial Staff (Nicholas Penniman, Alexandra Walker, Patrick Doherty and Laura Donnelly) of TomPaine.com, a project of the Institute for America's Future  

Vodkapundit and the Weblog of Tomorrow   a blog regarding the News with a twist of lime
by Steven Green and contributors  

Newspapers BLOGS

Newsdesigner.com   a blog about Newspaper Design, etc.
by Mark Friesen  

Weather BLOGS

The Daily Weather Blog   a blog with current radar weather maps of the continental United States
by Anonymous  

Raising Slowly   a (relatively new) blog regarding interesting weather around the world
by Giles Turnbull of Mink Media (The UK Blog Network)  

TORNADOES KICK STORM CHASING   a (relatively new) blog about Storms
by Tony Laubach, a storm chaser  


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