A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Consumers BLOGS

The Shunkeye Consumer Guide   a personal blog regarding movies, music,...
by a lady in Washington, D.C.  

Cooking BLOGS

Cooking with Amy: A Food Blog   a culinary blog
by Amy  

* chronicles of a curious cook   a blog about Cooking
by Ellen Ferlazzo  

David Lebovitz   a blog about cooking, especially desserts
by David Lebovitz, an author in Paris  

Hooked on Heat   a blog about food with lots of spice.
by Meenakshi Agarwal     [NOTE: while it lasted from September 20, 2005 to February 6, 2006]  

THE KOSHER BACHELOR   a blog mainly about Kosher Food and Cooking
by Steven I. Weiss  

Family BLOGS

Allan & Cheryl and the M's Life with Melissa, Michael, Madeleine, Megan, and Maribeth   a blog about the authors' Family
by Alan and Cheryl  

The Barely Attentive Mother   a personal blog regarding a mother's family
by a mother, who studied economics in college in the late nineteen-eighties and ended up working in Silicon Valley  

Coffee and a Muffin   a personal regarding the author's Family
by Kim, a Christian, 40-Something, Happily-Married Wife, Mother of 5, Grandmother of 4, Homeschooler, Deal-Finder, Lover of all things "Home", Rubber Stamper, Quilter, Bulk-Cooking Aficianado, etc, etc, etc...  

How Bourgeois   a blog by a Family involved in a trans-continental move, a baby, a new job in a new industry with a new company - all in one year.
by Jonathan, who loves to explore the Bourgeois lifestyle to the fullest - food, cars, babies, houses, gadgets, and Lauren (along with new baby Noah)  

Large Family Logistics: do it heartily, as to the Lord   a personal blog regarding the author's Family
by Kim, a Christian homeschooling mother  

*** NEW *** Whitterer on Autism   a personal blog involving a woman, who with her partner, cares for four people including two kids with autism
by Madeline McEwen-Asker, who is an ex-pat from the UK, middle aged, bifocaled and technically challenged  

Gardening BLOGS

*** NEW *** Cold Climate Gardening   a blog providing gardening information and help to northern gardeners
by Kathy Purdy in upstate New York  

Seedling's and Sprouts: Julie Leung's eclectic Garden   a blog about Gardening and family topics
by Julie Leung, a beginning gardener  

Miscellaneous Home-Related BLOGS

The Plan Collection Blog   a blog about House Plan Styles & Home Design
by Jaren, Jake, Jake Smith and Justin  

White Collar Crime Professors Blog   a blog regarding White Collar Crime
by Peter J. Henning and Ellen S. Podgor  

Real Estate BLOGS

Inman News Blog   a blog regarding Real Estate News
by Inman News  

The Real Estate Blog   a blog about Real estate happenings - prices - trends - and notes of interest
by Fran and Rowena, a real estate team  



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