A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Alternative Medicine BLOGS

Alternative Medicine Truth   a blog about IMPORTANT NEWS and INFORMATION on how to get well, stay well and protect your health rights in this polluted and greedy world.
by Casperdude  

*** NEW *** DocRoberts Holistic Health Blog   a blog containing lots of valuable information about health
by Craig Roberts, Chiropractor, Grass Valley CA  

Bodybuilding BLOGS

lori braun's femalemuscle photoblog   a blog about Female Bodybuilding with lots of photographs
by Lori Victoria Braun  

Drugs / Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical BLOGS

Drug Lawsuits   a blog regarding current legal action against Drugs

Pharma Marketing Blog   a blog regarding Pharmaceutical Marketing News
by John Mack  

Health Care, Health News, Health Reform, Hospitals & Miscellaneous Health BLOGS

Baby Babble   a blog concerning Babies and Child Development for parents
by Chris Halvorson at Stonyfield Farm  

*** NEW *** Boston Health News   a blog (started in February 2009) concerning health reform and other health related topics
by Tinker Ready  

Creating Healthy Kids   a blog about children's health
by Chris Halvorson at Stonyfield Farm  

fight aging!   a blog concerning the fight against aging, life extension or longer lives
by Reason  

The Health Care Blog   a blog regarding the American Health Care System
by Matthew Holt, a general health care consultant  

Health Supreme News Blog   a blog regarding Health News and perspectives you may not find in the media
by Josef Hasslberger, a German owner of La Strega health supplements in Rome, Italy  

*** NEW *** Healthline (Connect to Better Health)   a blog timely and unique perspectives on health, medicine and wellness
by eight different medical professionals or groups  

*** NEW *** Hospital Impact   a blog regarding hospitals and healthcare
by Tony Chen, Nick Jacobs and Christopher Cornue  

Medicine BLOGS

Chronicles of a Medical Madhouse   a blog regarding the practice of medicine

* The Doctor Is In   a blog by a physician regarding medicine, religion, politics, pets and passion in life
by Dr. Bob (based in the Pacific Northwest)  

Dr Michael Benjamin CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Weblog   a blog regarding mental health and psychotherapy (in particular, e-psychotherapy)
by Michael Benjamin, MB ChB BSc (a psychiatrist based in Israel)  

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles   a blog with stories that are loosely based on real experiences (All characters, however, are fictional.)
by Dr. Charles  

Kevin, M.D.   a medical blog from a practicing primary-care physician telling it like it is
by Kevin Pho, M.D.  

* Know Your Bones a blog examining our fractured health system
by Stephanie E. Siegrist, MD (author of the book titled Know Your Bones: Making Sense of Arthritis Medicine, one of only 3% of board-certified orthopedic surgeons who are female and based in Rochester, New York)  

*** NEW *** Medgadget   a blog concerning the latest medical gadgets, technologies and discoveries
by a group of MDs and biomed engineers  

Mediblogopathy   a blog about Nursing
by "HypnoKitten", a Registered Nurse  

*** NEW *** Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Bioengineering and the like   a blog regarding medical devices, biotechnology, bioengineering, healthcare, etc.
by Srihari YSrihari Yamanoor, a mechanical engineer interested in medical devices, bioengineering, biotechnology, entrepreneurship and photography  

* Medpundit   a blog with commentary on Medical News by a practicing physician.
by Sydney Smith (which is a pseudonym and she is a family physician since 1991)  

mercola.com blog   a blog regarding Natural Health News
by Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician (D.O.)  

NewsTarget.com   a blog covering Natural Health, Medicine and Technology
by Mike Adams, Jessica Smith and others at Truth Publishing Inc. in Taichung, Taiwan  

Purple Medical Blog   a blog covering medical news
NOTE: written more for lay people rather than health professionals.

*** NEW *** UNBOUNDED MEDICINE (Medicine as it must be: Unlimited)   a blog with original clinical cases and medical images
by Dr. Jon Mikel Iñarritu-Castro  

Physical Fitness BLOGS

funnymoods.com Health + Fitness Blog   a personal blog by a weight watcher
by Heather L.  

Really Useful Fitness Blog   a blog about physical fitness
by Jamie at fitFAQ.com  



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