A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Alternate Reality Gaming BLOGS

ARGN - Alternate Reality Gaming Network   a blog about burgeoning genre known as Alternate Gaming Reality (ARG)
by volunteers for a network of independent ARG websites  

Board Games BLOGS

The Daily Dirt Chess Blog   a blog containing Insider News and Views from a chess writer
by Mig Greengard  

Gamewire Blogs bsp; a blog about Board Games
by 7 well-known gaming personalities  

Computer, Electronic, Handheld and Video Games BLOGS

Chris Brooks   a blog about Games, Technology, and Other Stuff
by Chris Brooks  

Game Girl Advance   a blog and online journal that brings alternative perspectives to video game culture
by Jane Pinckard and Justin Hall  

Game Journalism   a blog about Electronic games
by Rich Miller at Miller Webworks LLC  

online gamesblog   a blog about computer games
by Aleks Krotoski for Guardian Unlimited of Guardian Newspapers Limited (U.K.)  

PortaGame.com   a blog with Ultimate Headlines for Handheld Gaming
by Portagame Editors (FORM)  

The Video Game Ombudsman   a blog for Video Game Journalism Review
by Kyle Orland  

Fun and General Games BLOGS

Blog Nog   a blog with something Fun to look at
by Gio, Kent, DJ Spoof, Billy  

RedAssedBaboon   a blog by adult gamers on games
BY Brian D. Crecente, Timothy Skillern, Owen S. Good, Robert Sanchez and Leonardo De La Rocha  

Gambling BLOGS

Full Contact Poker   a personal blog regarding the life of a top professional Poker player
by Daniel Negreanu, 2004 Player of the Year & #2 All Time Tournament Money Winner (according to Hendon Mob Poker Database as of July 19, 2005)

Las Vegas and Poker Blog   a blog about the game of poker in Las Vegas, Nevada
by Las Vegas residents that specialize in poker  

love and casino war   a blog about poker, gambling and casinos
by Jeremy  

Online Bingo Game Blog   a blog discussing everything to do with online Bingo!
by a bingoholic  

Party Poker Blogs   a blog regarding the game of Poker
by Ignatious  

* Tao of Poker   a blog with rants and ramblings of Pauly... a writer, degenerate gambler, and poker blogger from New York City
by Pauly (pen name Tenzin McGrupp)  

Up for Poker Blog   a blog about poker
by CJ, Otis and G-Rob  



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