A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Americas BLOGS

Cubanite: malattia che colpisce anima, cuore e cervello di moltissimi occidentali che hanno visitato e vissuto Cuba.   a blog about Cuba
by Clarence  

Descafeinado, por favor (Decaffeinated, please)   Esse blog é de mágoas. Desgraçados que no mundo passais, chorai ao lê-lo!
by EDU  

el avión (the airplane) - se quedo arriba el bato...   a Mexican blog
by Rubas in Monterrey, Mexico  

There is no such thing as WOM (Wise Old Men)   a Mexican blog
by Armando  


blogchina.com   a Chinese blog
NOTE: You will have to download Chinese Fonts (if you do not already have them) in order to read this blog.
by (fxd-at-vip.sina.com)  

Europe BLOGS

blog.hr   a Croatian blog
by (blog-at-blog.hr)  

Rox -not so- personal life   a Spanish blog
by Rox (a 30 year female) in Madrid, Spain  

Middle East BLOGS

* A Family in Baghdad - mother: Faiza, sons: Raed, Khalid , and Majid writing down their diaries. Father: Azzam is not interested.   a blog about Baghdad, Iraq (NOTE: Most entries are in Arabic, while some are translated into English.)
by Faiza (the mother in Baghdad, Iraq), whose sons are Raed Jarrar (son in Amman, Jordan), MajiTriX (son at Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific in Canada) and Khalid Jarrar (son in Baghdad, Iraq)  



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