A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Advertising / Marketing BLOGS

Blog Business World   a blog regarding Business, Marketing, Public Relations, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
by Wayne Hurlbert  

Common Craft   a blog focusing on Social Design for the Web-business strategies for bringing people together online
by Lee Lee LeFever in Seattle, Washington  

* Funny Business   a blog about Business Culture
by Elana Centor  

Lip-Sticking   a blog about Marketing to Women
by Yvonne DiVita  

MIT Advertising Lab - BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN GEEKDOM AND ADVERTISING   a blog regarding Advertising
by Ilya Vedrashko  

Small Business Trends   a blog that tracks trends that influence the Global Small Business Market
by Anita Campbell  

Career, Employment, Job, Human Resources and Occupation BLOGS

* Charles A. Krugel, Labor & Employment Law, HR Law   a blog regarding labor and employment law and human resources fields
by Charles A. Krugel (in Chicago, Illinois)  

George's Employment Blawg   a blog with news, analysis & comments on Labor & Employment Law, Human Resources, etc.
by George Lenard (a St. Louis employment lawyer, HR professor and consultant) and Michael  

Jottings by an Employer's Lawyer   a blog regarding Employment Law
by Michael W. Fox  

The Monster Blog   a blog about Job and/or Career
by Christine, Jayme, Maya, Norma and Thad  

The Occupational Adventure (i.e., a career that lights your fire)   a blog about Occupation
by Curt Rosengren  

Recruiting.com - A Recruiting Blog Community Portal   a blog regarding Recruiting for Jobs
by Jason Davis  

Economy and Finance BLOGS

Big Picture   Macro perspectives on the Capital Markets, Economy, Geopolitics (with a dash of film & music) blog
by Barry L. Ritholtz  

EconoPundit   a blog regarding Economic News and Views
by Steven Antler  

Education and Training / Personal Development BLOGS

Steve Pavlina . com   a blog regarding Personal Development for Smart People
by Steve Pavlina  

Investment (Business and Personal) BLOGS

The China Stock Blog   a blog with News and Analysis of China Stocks for professional investors
by David Jackson  

Internet Stock Blog   a blog with News and Analysis of Internet Stocks for professional investors
by David Jackson  

The Media Stock Blog   a blog with News and Analysis of Media and Entertainment Stocks for professional investors
by David Jackson  

Seeking Alpha   a blog about Investment Strategy, portfolio management, hedge funds & hedge fund jobs
NOTE: Seeking Alpha is for hedge fund and other money managers and professional analysts. Seeking Alpha is NOT intended for non-professional investors.
by David Jackson  

Trader Mike   a blog about Trading Stocks
by Michael  

VentureBlog - A Random Walk Down Sand Hill Road   a blog regarding Venture Capital
by Andrew Anker, David Hornik, Kevin Laws, Naval Ravikant and Martin Tobias  


California Estate and Business Law Blog   a blog regarding estates and business law in California
by Allison Consulting, a Professional Law Corporation  

Contracts Blog   a blogs regardings legal news and contracts.

ContractsProf Blog (A Member of the Law Professor Blogs Network)   the Official Blog of the American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Section on Contracts
by Franklin G. Snyder and Carol L. Chomsky  

Management BLOGS

*** NEW *** View From the Corner Office   a blog concerning corporate management
by Murray, a retired corporate VP  

Research BLOGS

Z+Blog   a blog concerning futures research for organizations
by Z + Partners, a futures research, ideation and design strategy think-tank that helps organizations understand and shape their future and develop forward-looking brands and businesses.  



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