A Guide to Outstanding Blogs


Broadway Stage Play BLOGS

broadwayWORLD.COM   a blog with Broadway news, reviews, interviews and other articles from around the net
by Robert Diamond  

42nd St. Moon Blog   a blog regarding the American Musical Theatre fom backstage
by Greg MacKellan and Elisa Camahort  

Cinema / Film / Movie BLOGS

cinecultist dot com   a blog regarding the Movies (in the theater / on TV & DVD) and other stuff related to the cinema
by Karen Wilson in New York with Guest Contributors:
Jordan Foster, Josh Huffman and Maggie Lee  

DVD Verdict - Truth, Justice, The Digital Way   a blog about Movie DVD's
by a panel of judges (staff of DVD Verdict)  

JeffBridges.com   a personal website of well-known actor Jeff Bridges - visit his LATEST web page, which contains his journal entries in unique format
by Jeff Brigdes  

* LYT's Weblog   a personal blog with a lot about film
by Luke Yelasdi Thompson, a film critic  

Masters of Cinema   a blog collating and disseminating information for discerning cinephiles the world over
by Jan Bielawski, Doug Cummings, R. Dixon Smith, Trond S. Trondsen and Nick Wrigley  

Matt Dentler's Blog   a blog about Movies, music, sports, politics, Austin, cocktails, and absurdity...
by Matt Dentler, the producer of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in Austin. Texas  

Meghan's Deep Thoughts   a personal blog
by Meghan Marshall, an actress trying to make it in Hollywood  

The Movie Blog   simply, a blog about movies
by John Campea in Ontario, Canada and Richard Brunton  

Nickerblog   a personal blog by someone who works in television...on both sides of the camera, as an actor in commercials and sitcoms and producing reality television in Los Angeles
by Shane Nickerson  

Self-Styled Siren   a (relatively new) blog regarding Classic Movies and Old Books
by Campaspe (a female in Toronto, Canada)  

WIL WHEATON DOT NET   a personal Blog
by Wil Wheaton, who was a series regular on Star Trek: The Next Generation  

WilliamShatner.com   a personal blog
by William Shatner, the famous actor  

Miscellaneous Arts BLOGS

Art Blogs   a blog connecting the people of the world to the world of Art
by World Wide Arts Resources is a small, privately held company based in Columbus, Ohio, in the heart of the US  

ionarts   a blog about music, art and literature
by Charles T. Downey, Todd E. Babcock, Jens F. Laurson, Mark Barry and Michelle A. Erhardt  


ARJAN WRITES COLUMNS ABOUT MUSIC   a blog containing original interviews, reviews and exclusive reports on music
by Arjan  

Fluxblog: Rock and Roll   a blog regarding MP3's
by Matthew Perpetua  

GENESIMMONS.COM   a personal blog
by Gene Simmons, a rock star  

THE TOFU HUT   a blog regarding MP3's
by The Tofu Hut in Jersey City, New Jersey  

Photography BLOGS

ALWAYS CURIOUS - A World of Wonder   a Photography blog of Photographs
by Charlie O'Shields  

daily dose of imagery   a Photography blog of Photographs
by Sam Javanrouh, born in Tehran/Iran, moved to Toronto/Canada in 1999  

(FREEWAYBLOGGER.com - HOME PAGE)     FREEWAYBLOGGER.com - WEBLOG   a blog containing photographs of signs posted on freeways
by Severn Williams, the FREEWAYBLOGGER  

i m a g o l o g y   a Photography blog of Photographs
by a thirty-something, born and living in the UK, somewhere North of London (stuart@imagology.com)  

Photography BLOG   a blog about Cameras and Photography-related News
by Mark Goldstein  

pixel TIGRIS   a Photography blog of Photographs
by a 22 year old girl from Hungary, Europe  

WHEELBARROW - JUST A VEHICLE   a blog of Photographs
by mushsis, a female in Scotland, United Kingdom  

wideangle.ca   a Photography blog of Photographs
by a french-speaking québécoise in exile in seattle, U.S.A.  



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