A Guide to Outstanding Blogs

Cool, thanks! How'd you find me?

MASTER BLOGS uses a lot of sources. It is not easy to find outstanding blogs.

One of the main ways used by Master Blogs is to use Google and/or Yahoo! to search for the particular category+blog, looking at their top 100 ranked sites and sites that are linked by those top 100. That is how we found your site, i.e. it was linked to by another blog. (Sorry, we can't be more specific.)

"if my blog is good enough for xxxxxxxxxx to quote in detail and link to on his blog then why isn't my blog good enough for you. Moreover, xxxxxxxxxx and I are in the exact same field, his blog covers much of the same things I do."

Being linked to by an outstanding blog does NOT mean that the linked blog is also outstanding. MASTER BLOGS has visited and reviewed thousands of blogs that are linked to by outstanding blogs. One reason is that many linked blogs are no longer active (or have not been updated for at least 3 months).

One requirement for outstanding blogs is that they are active (except in very rare cases). "Ed's Gone South - Travels in South America" is the only inactive blog that MASTER BLOGS has graded outstanding so far.

MASTER BLOGS grades each individual blog according to content and web design. In terms of content, there must be a certain quality and quantity.

Quality includes a mix of interesting, helpful, original and/or useful writing. Quantity usually means that the blog has at least 6 months of entries. However, MASTER BLOGS has selected a few blogs with less than 6 months of entries and indicated them to be "(relatively new)" blogs. In these cases, MASTER BLOGS will definitely revisit them to see if they remain active.

By giving a grade of A- or higher to a blog, MASTER BLOGS tries to be consistent and fair as well. To include an unworthy blog in the list of outstanding blogs can negatively affect the other outstanding blogs and would be unfair to other blogs that have been rejected.

"Thank you very much for the inclusion and the notification.

However, I would submit that my blog actually belongs in the xxxxxxxx category rather than the yyyyyyy category. Although there are details of yyyyyyy life included the content is heavily weighted toward xxxxxxxx, beginning with the name."

Mixed content is a problem that Master Blogs has faced with numerous outstanding blogs. Master Blogs prefers reading blogs that specialize in one subject. In fact, many bloggers have a separate blog for each subject and then, link all of their blogs.

It would not be fair to list blogs with mixed content under more than one category. So, Master Blogs usually selects one category for each of them, that is not necessarily based on quantity (or word count). It may be based on the content that is most striking, thought-provoking or useful.

However, Master Blogs will now honor all requests by bloggers to change the category in which their blog is listed under. This will be effective beginning 12/28/2005.


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